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Jeu Thanksgiving Baby Outfits

Thanksgiving Baby Outfits

This gaming website is available in: English.
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Description du jeu "Thanksgiving Baby Outfits" :
Thanksgiving is closing in, which means turkey, stuffing and all of your other holiday favorites will be prepared in kitchens all over. This adorable baby girl loves to sit by the fireplace with her family to stay warm through the chilly Autumn winds, counting down the days until her favorite dinner celebration arrives. The smell of tasty pie is traveling from the kitchen and making it's way into your nose, tickling your insatiable Thanksgiving appetite, and this precious baby girl couldn't be more excited. Today is the big day, and the turkey is already in the oven. But before this darling baby girl can sit down at the dinner table, she needs to get dressed for the occasion! Browse the wide selection of awesome seasonal fashions and pick the outfit you think looks best in this fun online Thanksgiving dress up game for girls!

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