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Jeu Rapunzel Tangled Spa Makeover

Rapunzel Tangled Spa Makeover

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Description du jeu "Rapunzel Tangled Spa Makeover" :
:Every fairy tale has a happy ending but the main personalities of the story face many troubles and tribulations and they have to overcome all the odds before falling in love and they live happily ever after. That is the case with princess Rapunzel who was taken away from her parents by Mother Gothel for the magical powers of her hair. But destiny brings our hero Klynn to the tower to rescue Rapunzel and wins her heart. Well, you might have seen the animation film Tangled and fell in love with Rapunzel for her beauty and grace and you might also have liked her golden hair and wished you had hair like that. But you can become as beautiful as Rapunzel if you follow the beauty tips that we offer you through this spa facial makeover game. Pamper Princess Rapunzel with different facial treatments using the best cosmetic products to nourish her facial skin as it has lost its natural glow. Makeup is another thing which is very handy in getting a perfect face, so apply mak eup on her face and make it all the more beautiful. Finally choose elegant outfit and accessories for this royal beauty that she looks spectacular in her new makeover. Have fun!

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