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Jeu Ahri Rides a Motorcycle Outdoors

Ahri Rides a Motorcycle Outdoors

This gaming website is available in: English.
Description du jeu "Ahri Rides a Motorcycle Outdoors" :
Crazy Running, which is a Parkour game, is coming on the stage! This game will bring more exciting and funny experience with using mainstream one-click operation. In the game, you can take a rocket to kill the enemy, and also can use the flames to burn the enemy, or you can use the feet to kick the enemy away. Crashing the obstacles, and along with the progress of game to improve the running speed unceasingly, and see how long you can keep it up! Collect a lot of precious stones along the way, which is crazy and exciting! This game will let you fondle admiringly with the lighter style, funny action, new 2D view and exciting game rhythm.

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