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Jeu MX Moto Scooter

MX Moto Scooter

This gaming website is available in: English.
Description du jeu "MX Moto Scooter" :
Oke a motor scooter is relatively easy to drive. It is almost similar to a motorcycle,. We have made it possible for you to drive, race and crash your motor scooter trough the fun levels.
So climb onto you motor scooter and sit with both feet planted on the floorboard. And race with your motor scooter, almost forgot you can try to preform stunts for extra points. But don’t forget you are on a scooter and not on a motocross bike so backflips and front flips maybe dangerous!
This game is also on GooglePlay search for "MX Scooter" and play on your phone!

Controls: Use the arrow keys.

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