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Jeu Winx Club Stella Dressup

Winx Club Stella Dressup

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Description du jeu "Winx Club Stella Dressup" :
Princess Stella is a quite fun loving girl in Winx club. She is different from all the Winx girls. She likes to flirt with boys and hang around with them unlike other Winx girls. She is so energetic and enthusiastic considering the fact the she is the daughter of the Sun and the Moon. As Stella is planning to go out with Brandon on whom she has a great crush, she wants to try a new look as she is very conscious what she wears and how she looks. She wants to look super cool with stylish outfits, accessories and hairstyle as she is the fashion symbol of the Winx club. Therefore, she wants to make sure that nothing goes wrong with her style statement. As Stella is not able to come up the perfect combination of clothes and accessories she is requesting you to help her out form this situation. You can be Stella?s personal stylist and make her look awesome with her long hair, a pair of beautiful wings along with chic outfits and accessories. Surely this guardian fairy i s going to make a huge impact on Brandon with your help.

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