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Jeu Under Construction Racing

Under Construction Racing

This gaming website is available in: English.
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Description du jeu "Under Construction Racing" :
Under Construction Racing is a free racing game where you drive through a construction site, the road
is almost done but there are still a lot of under construction barriers that will stay in your way, making it hard
for you to keep your car in one piece. Don't worry you can pick up free health kits on the way but just to be safe
keep your eyes on the road and try to avoid the obstacles. Also try not to bump into every car on the road, this
is just a friendly advice, but you don't need to listen to me, you can also have your way with every car in the
race, anyways don't say I didn't warn you. Try to remove your opponents one by one and make sure you are the only
one left in the race.
Probably you played other racing games similar to this one, if not you can try Angry News Van or Police Revenge
that you can find here on www.cartitans.com. If you're having troubles getting over one of the levels just try
harder, you can do it. Have fun!
CONTROLS: Arrows to move.

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